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ARGONE Trade-In/ Phone swap service

Do you know you can upgrade to that brand new device you like without breaking the bank? Yes, you can. We understand the worries that our customers face when trying to dispose of an old phone and getting a new one. The cost of purchasing a new phone among all other worries stands as a major hindrance in rocking that phone of your dreams.
Our Trade-in service offers you the opportunity to swap your used device for a new device. Simply take your device to our store where your phone would be assessed and valued by our Trained Personnel, then you simply add the balance to get a brand new device of your choice.
Please note that this service is available for iPhone, SAMSUNG, OPPO, AND XIAOMI Users Only. Kindly visit our store to enjoy this great offer.
ARGONE Trade-in/ Phone swap service is unique and ensures that you do not run at a loss but rather enjoy the benefits of being one of Argone's most esteemed customers.


Steps & Criteria

  • Phone must be in good condition.
  • Any issue with the phone should stated.
  • Our Engineers would verify each gadget before swap can be made

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